Application Form

Anyone wishing to submit an application to the Martha Lee Cain Tranby Music Enrichment Fund must do so on the Fund’s prescribed application form, which is available as a PDF file or as an MS Word file from this page, and which can be downloaded and printed from one of these links:

Application Form-PDF

If you wish to download the application form in a MS Word format and fill it out using MS Word, please download it from this link:

Application Form-MS Word

Please answer each question on the form and attach all required information as specified in the application form.  Incomplete applications or those not containing all of the required attachments will be disregarded.  You may include supporting materials such as brochures, printouts or references to web sites, program booklets, recordings or videos, but such items are not required.

The application deadline is February 15 of each calendar year.  You may submit your application any time after January 1.  Your application must be actually received in hard copy by the Secretary of our Selection Committee before 5:00 p.m. CST on February 15.  The name and address of this person appears on the application form, which can be downloaded and printed from our Application Form page.   Applications are not accepted by e-mail, and there are no exceptions to the application deadline. 

Grants from the Martha Lee Cain Tranby Music Enrichment Fund are not matching grants and do not require matching funds.  If the budget for your project(s) shows financial requirements exceeding the amount of your request, however (as many do), we would like to have a reasonable idea of how you intend to raise the additional funds to produce your project.

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